After 6 years, Kara left teaching to start her (2nd) dream job as a flight attendant. She entered her first solo show by carrying 3 paintings to The Bodega on Roosevelt Row in 2014 because she had yet to satiate her desire to be artist. In 2015, while out on medical leave, I was unsure of the guarantee of my return to my job and decided to pursue my love of art because all I had was time. She thought, ‘What happens if I cannot go back?’

Kara creates mixed media pieces often while reusing materials and a multitude of techniques including collage, watercolors, acrylics, and oils. The use of different media and layers offers a depth to the works that is meant to evoke emotion and a sense of understanding. Often, she brings awareness to mental wellness our society strives for today. As we continue to see many losses due to the opioid epidemic and other health conditions, she has a way to help give a voice to her muse. 

Kara took the leap and has become a full time artist. She decided to take another risk and retire after almost 13 years at the airline. The Gyspy Artista Studio is set to open within the New Year. She has combined her love of travel and passion for art. She helps people discover their purpose and guides local, new artists with their careers as well.


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